Investment and Financial Consultancy

BUSINESS TIME s.r.o. The Investment Consultancy Division offers services especially in the following fields:

  • Purchasing real estate and subsequent use, including complete service and facility management.
  • Corporate acquisitions.
  • Searching for a strategic partner.
  • Searching for a financial partner.
  • Establishment of companies in the Czech Republic and tax havens, including the provision of a registered office, accountancy and legal services.
  • Obtaining contracts in the territory of the Czech Republic.
  • Searching for business opportunities.
  • Preparation and assurance of participation in tender procedures.
  • Assurance of funding for your projects in the banking or private sector.
  • Hiring suitable management and searching for quality personnel for the company.
  • Negotiations with your debtors.
  • Negotiations with your creditors.
  • Selling unnecessary technologies, inventory, means of transport or real estate.
  • Preparation of the company for insolvency proceedings, stock-taking, inspections and recording of assets.

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