Home staging

Home Staging

Home staging is becoming more and more popular with the growing number of real estate owners as well as brokers. They are fully aware of the need to prepare real estate for sale as well as possible so that they can sell it quickly and at the best price.

Our company knows exactly how to prepare real estate. Our management has more than 20 years of experience in selling and leasing real estate. Our team and partners will ensure the complete preparation of your apartment or house for sale. Our work will not only raise the price of your real estate, but especially makes the sale faster.

Our home staging services are often used by buyers that wish to have newly bought real estate modified according to their requirements.

We perform and ensure:

  • Painting, varnishing and wallpaper decoration.
  • Cleaning works, carpet cleaning, window washing.
  • Moving.
  • Furniture assembly.
  • Facing, laying PVC flooring and carpets.
  • Plumbing works.
  • Electrical works.
  • Inspections of electrical equipment, lifts, lightning conductors and gas equipment.
  • Landscape design services.
  • Installing small ponds and pools.

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